Safety Plan

Can I help myself? Yes, you can! You can remind yourself how you have succeeded in keeping yourself safe in the past and try to use those techniques again. Sometimes, when things are difficult, it can be hard to remember these things, so it can be useful to write them down as part of a Safety Plan. Fill in the boxes below, then print the page. Keep your safety plan in a safe place where you can easily access it (e.g. wallet, purse, phone).

Friends & Family who matter to
me and offer me support

This could be a close relative, a friend from school or even someone at work. Make a list of who is important to you and try and remember positive times you have shared with them.

The place I can
go and feel safe

This may be a family member's house or a crowded public place. This will be different for each person but should be a prompt for you to go there if you feel you are at risk.

Things I can do to
distract & help myself

Listening to music, playing with children or calling a friend can all be ways to distract you from your current thoughts. List the things which you enjoy doing, no matter how small.

Things I am looking
forward to in the future

Have you got a holiday planned? Have you arranged to meet friends? You can list things in the near or distant future which can give you hope when you look at this list.