This vision will be achieved when:

Reduce the risk of suicide:

Be a catalyst for change:

Support action to enhance well-being and resilience of communities as well as individuals:

Who are we?

We are the Stockport Suicide Prevention Leadership Committee; a collaboration of Stockport and Manchester organisations working together to prevent suicide in Stockport.

We are working in a variety of ways to achieve our vision:
Stockport will become a place in which people never see suicide as they only option. In the rare event of a completed suicide, bereaved relatives and friends will have timely, easy access to effective local support and information.

The Stockport Suicide Preventions Leadership Committee (SSPLC) includes:

For more information about suicide prevention in Stockport please feel free to contact:
Stockport Public Health team,
Stockport council,
Telephone: 0161 474 2462